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Bellini and the Sphinx

Bellini and the Sphinx


"Bellini and the Sphinx on " An apparently simple adultery case turns into an intricate and suspense-filled plot composed of numerous twists and turns, with a surprising ending. Dr. Rafidjian, a renowned physician, seeks out Dora Lobo's detective agency, wishing to locate call girl Ana Cíntia Lopes. The case soon finds its way into the hands of Remo Bellini and his new assistant Beatriz; but the client's brutal murder changes the course of the investigation, leading the two detectives into high-risk situations. Trying to solve the crime, they canvas the nightlife of São Paulo's underworld, where they meet Fátima, a mysterious prostitute who becomes involved with Bellini. Based on the book of the same title by the writer and musician Tony Bellotto, who is also the film's co-producer and co-composer of the soundtrack, along with Charles Gavin, fellow member of the rock band Titãs, and Andreas Kiesser, of Sepultura.

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