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Jimmy Cliff - Moving On

Jimmy Cliff - Moving On


"Jimmy Cliff - Moving On on " A shuddering through the crowds of the ghettos, walking the hills of his childhood, meditating in the church of his village,Jimmy Cliff(real name James Chambers) tells us about the fate of a child from the campaign going on the ramp fire. This documentary evokes the birth of Rasta music, that of ska and reggae, friendship withBob Marley, but also the suffering and extraordinary creativity of the Jamaican people, who give the film their most true moments.Jimmy Cliffoccupies a special place in the history of reggae. Deeply Jamaican, his great independence of thought led him from Christianity to rastas and then Islam, from soul and rock to reggae and ska. This journey nourishes his music, one of the best-selling music in the world.

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